Mas de Rey

Mas de Rey is situated in Arpaillargues, in the Gard close to the Provence in the South of France. The surroundings of Mas de Rey contain many possibilities for making nice daytrips, culinary trips or sport activities. Ask us for some tips, we would love to help you. Find below a few of the possibilities.

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Mas de Rey
  • The Provence


    With its feet in the Mediterranean Sea and its head in the Alpes, this region offers a colourfull palette of sceneries: sunflowers, olive trees and fragrant lavenderfields. And ofcourse the area is well known for its sunkissed climate.


    Image credits: Francois Philipp

  • Des Cévennes


    In the triangle Mende-Millau-Alès you find the Parc National des Cévennes: a beautiful and untouched nature-parc. For those who love nature it is worth a visit. Beautiful sites and the cool shade of the mountains.


    Image credits: Phillip Capper

  • Camargue


    The area known especially for its wild white horses, bulls and pink flamingos. A flat and very watery area with a lot of lakes and lagunas, swamps and grassy fields, dune and forest areas.

  • Uzès


    Within 10 minutes you can drive from Mas de Rey to the pleasant old town of Uzès. It has a lot of small streets, little cafés and a lot of shops with Italian influences. It's one of the most beautiful towns of France. In the center you can find 'the Place aux Herbes' with arcades, plane trees and towers of the middle ages. This place is often used as a film set. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a very nice market.

  • Pont du Gard


    The most beautiful aquaduct in the area is the Pont du Gard, it's A Roman bridge which is part of an aquaduct. A touristical must-see.


  • Nîmes


    Half an hour from Mas de Rey you find very nice buildings in Nîmes, the Arena, Maison Carré, and very nice shops.


  • Avignon


    With its Palais du Pape and the most famous bridge, this town on the Rhône is worth to visit.


  • Saintes Maries de la Mer


    A beautiful city at the sea side, with sandy beaches. Enclosed by the laguons and meadows of the Camargue and the dunes. A city with a rich history, also site of annual gypsy pilgrimage.

  • La Roque sur Cèze


    At the foot of the hill, on which La Roque sur Cèze is situated, the spectacular falls of 'Cascades du Sautudet' dash and swirl. A beautiful and amazing sight! In summertime, a lot of tourists visit the falls for swimming, canoeing, rock jumping and having picnics. A real must see!

  • Culinary


    In the surroundings of Mas de Rey, you will find several restaurants, varying from simple and local cuisines to chic and fancy restaurants. When you walk through the forrest near our Mas, you'll reach a nice local restaurant in Arpaillargues. In Uzès you have many restaurants which are situated in beautiful, typical French, historical buildings. You can go out for local food, but also for Indian, Spanish, Italian, vegetarian or fish dishes.

    Cooking classes are given across the street of Mas de Rey at Combine it with a visit to the Uzès Region Market!

  • Canoeing


    Enjoy the view of the Gardon river from the waterside and take a nice canoe trip. Start in Collias, take one of our picnicbaskets with you and finish at Pont du Gard, where you can swim and relax on the beaches along the Gardon.

  • Kids


    There are a lot of activities for kids in our region. For example, the Haribomuseum in Uzès where kids can discover the world of candy! There is a piratepark close to Avignon and in Beaucaire you can visit an historical farm Le vieux Mas (typical Provence style) where several activities are organised for the little ones like playgrounds, feeding the animals, knight shows, train-tours and  cow milking.

  • The coast


    Near Palavas you can enjoy culture as well as the sea. In this area you will find the impressive Maguelone cathedral, one of the highest places in Christianity of Languedoc-Roussillon, a historical Romans monument. The Maguelone estate is situated in a protected coast area and the cathedral is in the center of a green isle in a park, surrounded by vineyards enclosed by the sea and the lagune.


    After your visit, you can enjoy the lovely food in Restaurant Carré Mer at the beach.

  • Culture


    Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence is a continuous exhibition of projected paintings of famous artists. The paintings are being projected on floors, walls and ceilings. Imagine this with immersive and beautiful music; it's very impressive! At this moment there is an exhibition of Jeroen Bosch and Brueghel.